Jimmy John’s Announces The Discontinuation Of Kickin’ Ranch & People Are PISSED

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Jimmy John's

2024’s first significant loss, and it’s not a person.

If you are a fan of sandwich shops, then I am sure you know how scrumptious Jimmy John’s Kickin’ Ranch is. At this point, it almost feels like a sin to indulge in one of their subs without a dip into the spicy sauce, and it is undoubtedly a staple of Jimmy John’s.

Well, it will be a staple until January 22nd of this year.

The franchise announced today that they will no longer serve Kickin’ Ranch at the end of the month:

“It hurts to say goodbye. Pay your condolences and get all the kickin’ ranch you can between now and January 22.”

Jimmy John’s gave no explanation as to why Kickin’ Ranch is getting kicked off the menu, and this seems like an awful marketing move. I mean, charge the people a little extra if the cost to make it has risen, but do not remove it from the menu completely.

Just when you think that video is bad enough announcing the parting of the beloved menu item, Jimmy John’s also posted an aesthetically pleasing picture that feels like a montage from a rom-com about a couple that decided to part ways…it’s heartbreaking.

“Kickin’ Ranch, you challenged condiments, tastebuds, and most of all, sandwiches. You challenged the entire flavor of ranch. You challenged us. And most of all, yourself. And for that challenge, we’re grateful.

Like they couldn’t twist the knife even more.

Frequent visitors to the restaurant have some highly opinionated thoughts on this business decision, and the commentary is unanimous across all the platforms they shared the news on…people are f**king pissed.

“Give me your CEO’s email now. I have some words.”

“I work at a Jimmy John’s, and I think it’s probably one of the dumbest ideas.”

“You guys are going to lose so many customers over something so easy to make. Worst decision you could make by far.”

“Bruh, after like 8-10 years…how could you?”

“I don’t think you understand; I literally can’t eat my sandwich without it now.”

“Looking at the calendar and wishing it was April Fools Day.”

“Literally never eating at Jimmy John’s again; this is so lame.”

“How am I supposed to wash my hair now?”

“2024’s first loss. It’s a bad one. RIP Kickin Ranch.”

“I thought we were friends.”

Needless to say, the masses are not thrilled with this corporate choice. Thankfully, an employee of Jimmy John’s was so kind as to leave the recipe in the comments so you can mass-batch Kickin’ Ranch yourself.

“As a person who works at JJs, here the recipe:

-1725 grams of mayonnaise

-4 cups of buttermilk

-200 grams of our peppers and 100 grams of our pepper juice blended with a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning and 2 more cups of buttermilk.

Add the concoction to the buttermilk and mayo and stir. Boom Kickin Ranch.”

RIP, Kickin’ Ranch…this one really hurts.

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