‘GTA 6’ Hacker Who Used Hotel TV, Firestick & Mobile Phone To Breach Rockstar Games Sentenced To Lifelong Hospital Order

Grand Theft Auto
Rockstar Games

The trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 dropped not long ago, and while all of us fans of Rockstar Games’ iconic franchise were as hyped as can be, some 18-year-old hacker had spoiled a lot of it beforehand by leaking a ton of GTA clips and early (albeit largely unfinished) gameplay footage.

Welp. Sucks to suck for the kid, who has reportedly gotten violent in police custody and is champing at the bit to hack again. He’s headed for a lengthy hospital stay.

The hacker, Arion Kurtaj, is viewed as a hero by many for his compulsion to hack big companies like Rockstar Games and Uber, but has been revealed to have an autism diagnosis, hence why the judge sentenced him in such a way.

So like I can’t begin to think about what goes through this late teen’s mind, because he clearly has a know-how about computers that .0001% of humanity could ever hope to have. That’s probably a generous fraction.


I guess I understand the angles of, “What a flex!” and “What a power move!” and “LEGEND!”

…To me, it’s like: For who? For what? You have all this potential power and influence, and you choose to go down indefatigably swinging by leaking sh*t from GTA 6!? WHAT.

There’s a flip side to that, though. It’s probably a good thing that Kurtaj didn’t have grander ambitions to hack into other databases. Maybe he tried and failed. Who knows? If he can hack Rockstar/GTA with a Firestick and cellphone from his hotel room whilst in custody, I’m not putting anything past the kid.

This whole scenario reminds me of that Bill Burr “sociopath on a bicycle” joke about Lance Armstrong.

Just thought of something else: Hopefully Kurtaj’s ridiculous hacking skills can be put to good use as a countermeasure to cyber crime attempts. Perhaps once he matures a bit and realizes how his expertise can be put to use in that sort of fashion, he could build a case for good behavior and get released from that indefinite hospital order.

The reason this prospective positive spin on the rest of Kurtaj’s natural life occurred to me is thanks to the Leo-Spielberg classic flick Catch Me If You Can. Leo plays Frank Abagnale, a con artist who forged checks and used fake names to deceive a great many people. He later worked with the FBI to catch criminals with similar motives and tactics. But LOL, turns out, Abagnale straight-up lied about the vast majority of his exploits. What a stunner!

…Still a great movie, to be clear. Abagnale still won. Who cares if he was BSing about his BSing? Makes me sad there’s no Jane Lynch “BS a BSer” GIF from Role Models. Was kinda counting on that.

I’m sure Kurtaj is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame, and that his tale will, too, be adapted into a movie someday, despite his getting caught so early on. If he’s a good-enough boy, maybe he’ll get a cut of the proceeds. I really do hope he keeps a journal in the coming years and can make something out of it. If he can’t hack, that’s got to be as healthy of an outlet as there is.

Here’s the GTA 6 trailer in case you didn’t catch it (hehe). The only thing that’s awful about it is the end: “Coming 2025.” Woof.

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