94-Year-Old Woman Bags Monster Buck In Texas, & The Internet Wants To Know If She’s Single

Laure Berry

Meet Laura Berry, a 94-year-old Texas resident who just took down one of the biggest bucks I’ve ever seen. Berry took down a buck that scored at 321 B&C score on a private South Texas ranch. I am sure you assume this was high-fence, food plot hunting ranch, where the big corn fed bucks line up like ducks on a pond in front of the feeder, but you’d think incorrectly.

This buck was allegedly not tracked, tagged, or raised on a high fenced ranch with a deer management program. Also, to compare where a standard buck falls, the average B&C score is between 97 and 169, so this deer nearly tripled the average size.

He’s just a monster in the wild.

“Laura Berry, 94 years old, South Texas legend killed a monster buck. Not farmed, tagged, tattooed, or tracked at all by Wildlife and Fisheries. Completely wild buck harvested on private land 6000 acre TX ranch, no high fence or deer management program at all.

Insane buck at 321 B&C score! Talk about amazing! What a blessing this is.”

While a few in the comments are skeptical about whether the buck was legit or not, I can’t imagine trying to tear down a sweet 94-year-old woman. Her red nails, camo scarf, and little loafers are the most precious thing ever. And you can’t deny that for 94, she still looks incredible.

It is incredible to get behind a scope and take down a monster, regardless of where it might have come from at that age.

My favorite comment from this post is from a young man asking if Berry is single. Six thousand acres of private hunting property is any man’s dream. I can hear Garth Brooks’ “That Summer” playing now…

“6,000 acres? Is she single??”

The replies to this comment are just as good as the comment itself.

“Sorry buddy, I’ve already proposed to her.”

“Can y’all just adopt me or something? I know how to mow and wipe my own ass.”

“That’s the million dollar question.”

“I’d let her be my sugar momma for 6000 acres.”

Despite her ability to be courted by these commenters, Laura Berry snagged a beauty on this trip to the stand.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock