WVU Reveals Bowl Game Uniforms Onstage During Charles Wesley Godwin Show In His Hometown

Charles Wesley Godwin WVU

Cue Country Roads!

West Virginia University is gearing up to play in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl on December 27, finishing the regular season with an 8-4 record and fourth in the Big 12 standings after being picked to finish dead last – 14th – in the conference in preseason polls.

Earlier this season, Morgantown, WV native Charles Wesley Godwin gave his hometown team a little pep talk and told the Mountaineers to use the snub as motivation on the field:

“They picked y’all 14th. They picked you 14th. They must have forgot who you are. 

You have the bodies, you have the speed, you have the physicality, and all you need is the mentality when you step on that field. There shouldn’t be anything else that needs said this year before you step on the field this year to get your absolute best other than ’14th.’

I know you guys are better than that. I believe in you. You guys are going to kill it, and I think you’re going to have one of the best seasons you’ve ever had in your life…

Them picking y’all 14th? That’s a Christmas gift right there. Open it up and pull it out before every game.”

Well it must have worked. All season long, “14” was a rallying cry for the Mountaineers, who significantly outperformed the expectations and earned themselves a trip to the Duke’s Mayo Bowl in Charlotte, where they’ll take on the North Carolina Tar Heels.

The energy is high around WVU football right now, in a season when head coach Neal Brown was expected to be on the hot seat. And last night when Charles Wesley Godwin took the stage as part of a four night run of shows in his hometown, he had Coach Brown and WVU quarterback Garrett Greene in attendance to help unveil the team’s uniforms for the Duke’s Mayo Bowl.

Oh, and notice the number on the uniform Greene’s wearing? That’s right: 14.

And to top it all of, the threads are WVU’s “Country Roads” uniform combination.

Mountaineers by a million.

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