Watch The Red Clay Strays Entire Las Vegas Show… From Your Couch

Red CLay Strays country music
Red Clay Strays

The Red Clay Strays are not gatekeeping.

The Mobile, Alabama band is taking the music world by storm outside the country music industry with their single “Wondering Why.” With the single sitting in the top ten spots of the Apple Music country charts, they show other artists they are not here to play.

While they are working on the album as we speak, they are not trying to keep their new tunes under wraps. This week, they played at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas, Nevada, opening for Turnpike Troubadours and are letting fans experience the show from their couch.

“Sit back and enjoy our full Las Vegas show from your phone or your couch. The audio might not be the best, but we love sharing this kinda stuff with you guys.”

They added an Instagram caption promoting the video:

“While this new album is still in the workshop, our YouTube is the best place to hear live recordings of our new songs.”

While the best way to experience the Red Clay Strays is in the crowd, this is an excellent alternative if you can’t get to the show (or if you can’t snag tickets because they have been flying).

Lead singer Brandon Coleman noted to the crowd during the set that this was their first time playing in Las Vegas, and you can feel their electricity and excitement of opening up for Turnpike throughout their whole set. They also took the stage during the NFR, which is guaranteed to have a crowd that will be into the music.

They open their set with “Disaster,” coming out of the gate swinging, Coleman’s vocals being spot-on from the start. Their setlist takes the listeners on a journey, keeping the energy high and slowing down when needed. While the performance is filled with all the favorites their fans know and love, we also get a peak at what is in store for hitting streaming platforms.

“Disaster” has to be my new favorite song from the group, and I need it put out SOON.

They round out the performance with their hit songs “Wondering Why” and “Don’t Care,” which is the perfect way to leave the audience wanting more. Red Clay Strays are a class act and do not mess around.

Grab the popcorn and cozy up on the couch; you’ll want to tune into this.


“Moment of Truth”
“Stone’s Throw”
“Good Godly Woman”
“Wanna Be Loved”
“No One Else Like Me”
“Devil In My Ear”
“Wondering Why”
“Don’t Care”

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