Red Clay Strays Team Up With Ben Chapman For Sensational Cover Of Waylon Jennings’ “Waymore’s Blues”

Red Clay Strays
Red Clay Strays

Will I ever get tired of “Waymore’s Blues” covers? Nope, I simply will not.

“Waymore’s Blues” is hands down one of my favorite tracks from Waylon Jennings. The traditional folk song from Ol’ Waylon talks about the highs and lows of being a musician on the road and embodies the outlaw spirit he brought to country music.

While the song’s message still holds true for musicians living the road dog lifestyle, it is often covered. From Sturgill Simpson’s incredible cover to Taylor Hunnicutt mashing it up with The Steel Woods’ “Let The Rain Come Down,” it’s hard to come across a lousy cover these days of the famed 1975 track.

Today, we are adding another to that list because up-and-comers Red Clay Strays laid down a phenomenal version enlisting Ben Chapman to join them for it.

The Red Clay Strays have had quite a wild few months. Right now, they are riding a high from their Way To Long Tour, having multiple sold-out stops, to their song “Wondering Why” hitting the Billboard charts. They embody the road warrior lifestyle as they continue traveling and broadcasting their sound to the nation.

Making it the perfect time to lay down a cover of “Waymore’s Blues.”

Last month, during their tour, they broke out the ditty, bringing out Ben Chapman. Brandon Coleman, vocalist for Strays, opens up the song, letting out a growl as he sings the vocals that even Waylon would be proud of. Ben Chapman joins in during the second verse, and his soulful songwriter-style vocals complement Coleman’s vocals.

As the band and Chapman are jamming out and having fun, you can see they are toying around with the rasp and deep bellows they are projecting into the microphone. While the vocalists have their fun, the band is getting down, highlighting some incredible guitar solos and harmonica parts.

Red Clay Strays with Ben Chapman is a duo that I’d love to see more of. Check it out.

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