Rex Ryan, A BIG Foot Fetish Guy, Blasts Kadarius Toney For Offsides Penalty: “You Know I Like Toes, I Don’t Like This Toe”

Rex Ryan and Ryan Clark

Yesterday, the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Buffalo Bills in the most heartbreaking fashion you could imagine. With just over a minute left in the game with the Chiefs trailing 20-17, Patrick Mahomes threw a pass to Travis Kelce, who proceeded to lateral the ball to Kadarius Toney.

Needless to say, the play threw the Bills off guard, and Toney walked into the end zone for a touchdown… until everybody realized the refs had thrown a flag on Toney for lining up offsides before the snap.

Although it wasn’t by much, you could see that Toney’s toe was past the line of scrimmage before it was snapped.

After the Chiefs proceeded to go backwards for the next few plays to ultimately lose 20-17, you could see Mahomes going absolutely berserk on the refs, and was even having to be restrained by teammates.

So, as you can imagine, Mahomes’ reaction has been the talk of the sports world today, including on Get Up this morning.

While discussing the play that cost the Chiefs the game, Get Up co-host Rex Ryan nonchalantly said one of the wildest statements I’ve ever heard on a sports talk show.

In reference to Toney’s toe being offsides, Ryan said that it was a “toe I don’t like.” And if you thought he misspoke, he backed up his statement, adding:

“You know I like toes, I don’t like this toe.”

Of course, it’s well known at this point that Rex Ryan is a BIG foot fetish guy, totally self-proclaimed, but nevertheless his comments had co-host Ryan Clark in tears across the desk.

“Hey Karadius Toney, if you turn Rex against feet, you a bad man…”

You can see the full conversation here:

And while we’re at it, here’s a look at some of Rex Ryan’s documented foot love:

Dude’s got ’em framed on his desk…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock