Tom Brady Responds To Claims That He Was ‘Soft’ In His NFL Years: “Everyone Thinks I Was A P**sy Out There”

Tom Brady
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Tom Brady may be retired from the NFL, but that doesn’t mean he won’t fire back at the haters.

He used to do so by, you know, playing quarterback and winning countless games and Super Bowls (seven to be exact). Now that he’s officially done with football (for now), Brady can only clap back by using his podcast and radio show Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jim Gray.

In a recent episode, Tom Brady and Jim Gray were joined by former defensive superstar and linebacker Lawrence Taylor, and the three of them discussed the rule changes the NFL has gone through in recent years. And by rule changes, they actually meant the “softening” of the violent game of football.

Brady has been quick to call out the NFL since he’s no longer a part of it. He recently called out the “mediocrity” of the professional football league, saying that quarterback play has gotten hard to watch, and the rules to protect the offensive players have gone too far.

And on that note, in the most recent episode of Let’s Go! with… you know who it’s with, the show hosts called out this unnecessary roughness penalty that was called on the Green Bay Packers for hitting Patrick Mahomes while he was still in bounds:

It’s that kind of stuff that has made some people grow sour on the NFL. They don’t stop watching football, of course, because who could do that? People are just complaining about the NFL a little bit more than usual.

And while they were on the subject of the game “softening,” Brady took some time to defend himself. Many football fans correlate the protection that newer rules offer to offensive players to the NFL wanting to “protect” Tom Brady and other quarterbacks.

The former New England Patriot and Tampa Bay Buccaneer wasn’t having it, saying on his podcast:

“Everyone thinks I was a p**sy out there. I took every single (hit) and got my ass up. I never wanted a defensive player saying ‘I knocked the shit out of him and he didn’t get up’ so I made sure I got up.”

To be honest, Tom Brady might have a point there.

Throughout his entire NFL career, anytime he got hit, he was somehow able to pop right back up. There’s not a better example of that being true than this gnarly hit Brady took early on in his career playing against the Buffalo Bills:

And if you need more evidence that Brady was one tough son of a b*tch, you can press play on this video below showing the G.O.A.T. getting rocked and pummeled into the turf over and over (and over) again. Despite all of the hard hits, Tom always got right back up.

Take a look:

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