Injured & Aggressive Grizzly Bear Charges Yellowstone Park Ranger

Yellowstone ranger charged by bear

Getting chased by a grizzly bear? That’s just another day in the life of a Yellowstone National Park ranger…

Actually, that probably doesn’t happen a lot, but it did happen to this particular park ranger back in 2021. Visitors to the famous Yellowstone National Park were stopped on the road when they saw a scary scene playing out in front of them, and they managed to get it all on video.

An injured grizzly bear was waiting at the edge of the woods, and knowing that it could pose a threat to visitors of the park, the ranger stepped in and tried to direct others away from the area. Park rangers were already tracking the bear, knowing that it was injured and possibly needed medical attention.

However, as you might imagine, a bear that is hurt is even more aggressive, and getting it to cooperate was not exactly a walk in the park (no Yellowstone National Park pun intended) for the rangers. The bear’s front left paw seemed to be out of commission, but that didn’t stop it from charging full sprint at the ranger that was busy warning others to get away.

If a grizzly bear can run that fast with only three working legs, I don’t even want to know what it would look like at full strength. I’m sure the park ranger that turned and saw the bruin running right at him would agree with me on that one.

When the bear makes a break for the park ranger (who was just trying to do his job and keep others in the park safe), the guy busts his ass back to his truck to grab his non-lethal gun to fend off the bear. It appears that the grizzly might have interacted with one of these firearms before, because as soon as it saw the gun, it stopped in its tracks.

The park ranger loads up a non-lethal round (likely a sandbag or rubber bullet) and fires it right at the bear, making direct contact and sending the bear headed for the hills. Shoutout to the demented kid in the car that giggles maniacally after the bear gets shot. Hopefully they’ve kept a close eye on that child since then…

Even though the first shot sent the bear running into the woods, the park ranger wanted to make sure it wouldn’t come back, so he sent a couple of “noise-maker” rounds deep into the trees. I’m assuming that he did so to keep the grizzly moving away from the road, which appeared to be pretty busy and full of people that almost saw a park ranger get torn in half.

Take a look at the stunning video below:

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