Knicks Center Mitchell Robinson Invited His High School Coach To Live With Him After His Wife Passed Away In September

New York Knicks

What a moving story involving New York Knicks center Mitchell Robinson. His high school basketball coach, Butch Stockton, was struggling in the wake of his wife’s passing back in September, so Robinson thought he’d invite his coach to live with him so he could get his mind right and not feel alone.

We found all this out via a live interview with Stockton during the Knicks’ 118-112 win over the Detroit Pistons on Thursday night, and it’s some of the most worthwhile 40 seconds you can spend on any content sports-related this week, month, or year:

When Stockton’s wife was in the hospital, Robinson came “each day” to visit her, and that brought him closer to the coach and his late spouse. Robinson’s invitation to bring Stockton to New York came at the funeral, and it’s hard to even put into words how moving and emotional that must have been for everyone in attendance.

Isn’t it so cool when you have a coach or a teacher who strikes such a chord with you that you almost don’t know what to do? Coaches and teachers are the best when they really help you along, aren’t they? Paying it forward is one thing. Going to the lengths that Robinson has gone to in comforting his high school coach at his most vulnerable time is just an inexpressibly awesome move.

Also: Listen to the Knicks broadcasters explain how Stockton has begun the process of helping Robinson with his struggles at the free throw line. Shooting just 38.9% from the charity stripe this season, Stockton gives a fist pump as Robinson knocks down two straight in the fourth quarter.

Is somebody cutting onions in here?? Come on. I’m suddenly more interested in following Robinson’s career, and I already liked him for his defense and shot-blocking ability. So glad Robinson and Stockton are reunited in the Big Apple. I’m still blown away. Like, wow.

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