Man Shoots Deer Crossing The Highway Right Out Of His Car… & You Definitely Aren’t Allowed To Do That

Deer hunting
CBC Novia Scotia

So I just got done Googling “can you shoot a deer from your vehicle?” and what I found is exactly what you would assume.

In the spirit of hunting, and in accordance with almost every state’s law prohibiting it, you cannot shoot at an animal from your automobile. There are some exceptions if there’s an argument for self defense, but as you’ll see in the video below, this guy seemed to just be doing it for fun.

This happened in Nova Scotia, Canada, and they also have laws about where you can and cannot hunt.

There’s also the chance that this is a “John Wick type situation,” and the man was seeking revenge against this deer that had wronged him in some way. If you’ve seen the John Wick movies, you know it doesn’t take a lot for him to go on a blood-thirsty tear, so we can’t rule out this as an option.

The only reason we have video of this illegal hunt happening is because of someone else that pulled up behind the man and, as you might imagine, was thoroughly and utterly shocked at what he was watching unfold. That’s probably why they got their phone out and recorded it, just so people wouldn’t think they were crazy when they told the story.

As the guy pulls up behind the impromptu hunter, he turns down the Eminem that he had playing in his car speakers and points his camera through the front windshield. The video captures a deer off in the distance, walking across the road, and a man slowly getting out his vehicle and pulling out a hunting rifle, aiming it towards the deer.

If you are a hunter, you probably know that a minuscule movement in a tree stand can spook a deer away. That’s why it is so frustrating when you pass by one in your car and it doesn’t move a muscle. Those two things are what came together in this clip to create the perfect storm for the car hunter, and a “didn’t see that coming” situation for the deer.

From the looks of it, the man placed the shot perfectly, hitting the deer and sending it running off the road and into the brush. The footage cuts off shortly afterwards, so we don’t know if the man went after the deer to get it or not. All we do know is that this guy could be in some serious legal trouble if he was caught (could be charged with a felony), and considering there is video proof, it’s not a stretch to assume he was caught.

DNRR officer Troy MacKay explained the nuances of the hunting law and added that this particular incident is still under investigation:

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