Idiot Tourists Walk Right Up To Two Bison Battling In The Road At Yellowstone National Park

Bison fight
USA Today

If you open up a video that was filmed at Yellowstone National Park, you best believe you are about to see someone do something stupid near a wild animal.

The National Park Service advises visitors to stay at least 25 yards from “non-violent” animals, though that can be a dangerous warning by itself. Bison can often be viewed as just big, furry cows (to some), and that thought can cause tourists to put their guard down and inexplicably want to go near them.

I’ll give some people the benefit of the doubt, but I will not do so for the idiotic couple in this video. There’s no excuse for someone wanting to walk towards two bison duking it out in the middle of the road, unless the couple has a death wish of course.

Two massive bison were locked into a horn-swinging battle right in the middle of the road, which obviously garnered some attention from park visitors that were nearby. However, some tourists were a little “too nearby,” and literally (and idiotically) got within 10 feet of two 2,000 pound beasts fighting.

One of the people that was filming tried to warn the tourists, who were continuing to inch closer and closer while appearing to film the bison showdown on their phones. The woman screamed:

“Hey you guys need to back up! Get out, get out of the way! They’ll kill you! Oh my God, my heart is thumping.”

The dumb couple suddenly got smart after hearing that and decided to back away. And then, in a prophetic moment, someone standing nearby the person videoing can be heard saying:

“We’ll be reading about those people. Really, how stupid? I don’t get it.”


If you are that stupid, you are going to make waves across the internet. It’s common sense not to go near a bison, and it is arguably the most common of all common senses to stay away from two bison that are violently duking it out.

Take a look:

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