“Son Of A B*tch” – Moron Captain Slams Into Other Boats Trying To Park His Million Dollar Yacht

Boat crash

Man, I just hope I get to the point of wealth at some point in my life where I can hangout at the yacht club on the weekends.

Those folks are living the dream, as they casually sip cocktails and talk about how they’re planning on getting an even bigger yacht next year.

However, there is gonna be some drama wherever you go, even if you’re surrounded by multi-million dollar yachts…

And sometimes, that drama can cost a yacht owner THOUSANDS of dollars, just like in this video. We often talk about the “Florida man” and “Florida woman” here at Whiskey Riff. Typically, it involves some crackhead doing something outrageous.

Nevertheless, there are some rich folks who qualify in the “Florida man” category too, just like the person who was behind the wheel of this yacht in Miami. In this wild video, it appears that this yacht driver is trying to park the boat in a really tight spot at the yacht club.

But, things quickly go south once they try to turn the boat too wide.

As soon as you hear the guy in the background say “he’s in a really bad spot,” all you hear is a ton of clanking, as the back end of the yacht rams right into at least two other boats.

You can hear a woman yell from a distance:


Needless to say, this yacht captain is gonna be in some serious debt.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock