Who Needs Blocking? Ohio Bobcats Lineman Executes Beautiful Rockettes Kick Dance On Exotic Play Design


This one took some digging, and it’s a very brief clip, but I think it’s well worth bringing to the broader public’s attention.

See, while many of us were tuning in to see Tim Boyle’s debacle of a 99-yard Hail Mary INT in the Jets-Dolphins game, there was some MACtion afoot! The Ohio Bobcats beat Akron 25-14 in their regular-season finale to go 9-3 and punch their ticket to a quality bowl game. Unless they did some bullsh*t and are on probation for some reason.

Most importantly, this Bobcats offensive lineman who I believe is No. 64, right tackle Shedrick Rhodes Jr., executed some phenomenal choreography that is guaranteed to brighten your Black Friday if it’s not already lit:

Ups to the guy who cared to explain what was going on here. Looks like a minimal gain for Ohio quarterback Kurtis Rourke, but the morale boost and immaculate vibes from Rhodes no doubt inspired his teammates to victory.

As a Miami (Ohio) grad and an alum of a team who actually beat the Bobcats this year, it was always some weird type of energy from them. They cared way more about our schools’ alleged “rivalry” than we did. Nevertheless, I can appreciate good football when I see it. Big ups to Ohio head coach Tim Albin and his staff for putting a seal on this play until the last game. I’d be so tempted to bust this bad boy out for some innocuous standalone Tuesday night game.

I guess if you’re not gonna block anybody, why not create a dance diversion? This is so eerily reminiscent of Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill/Star-Lord challenging Ronan the Accuser to a dance-0ff in the climax of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Just may have served as the actual inspiration for Rhodes busting out the leg kicks, big ups and snazzy/sultry/exotic/erotic moves on the gridiron.

All the world’s a stage! Eh? Yes? No? OK. Figured I’d toss in a Billy Shakes reference to appease you non-Marvel folk.

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