Euro Tour Golfer Joost Luiten Loses Not One, Not Two, But THREE Clubs To A Tree

Golfer stuck in tree

In the final round of the DP World Tour Championship, Joost Luiten was frustrated. Well out of contention and struggling amid a tough Sunday, things went from bad to worse when he tried to blow off a little steam.

Luiten was none too pleased with his driver, so he chucked it in frustration. It happened to get wedged perfectly into a tree. Short of climbing a great height to get it, the only way Luiten saw fit to get it down was with other clubs. You can see where this is headed…

If I’m not mistaken, this was on the ninth hole at the Jumeriah Golf Estates’ Earth Course in Dubai. Somehow, Luiten escaped with only a bogey on his card. No report I’ve seen has specified if he successfully retrieved all his sticks, but this is pound-for-pound one of the funniest things you’ll ever behold in professional golf.

And yes, we have some still frames of what went down and that only adds to the comedy.

It appears that somebody informs Luiten at some point that he’s “on the clock” or in other words, being given sh*t for slow play. HAHA. Like of course the man is holding up the pace of play — he done got his clubs stuck in a tree!

Also, the “vertical leap” if you could call it that had me dying. The Dutchman ain’t exactly flying through the air on that one. Luiten is keeping company with Phil Mickelson’s victorious jump at the Masters many moons ago when he finally won his first major.

The best part is, three clubs down or not, Luiten proceeded to birdie three in a row from Nos. 12 through 14. Although he bogeyed the last hole, he at least salvaged a decent round of one-over 73. You gotta think that the clubs-in-tree fiasco scared him straight and gave him a bit of perspective on how much of a moron he was acting like.

Let’s hope Joost Luiten can recover from this episode and continue playing some decent golf. Good luck to you in the new season, sir. And thank you for the laughs in this instance.

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