Thoughtful Squirrel Gifts Cookie To Homeowner Who Leaves Out Food For Him

squirrel cookie

We can all learn a lot from this squirrel.

This might be my favorite outdoors video that I’ve ever covered, and I’ve only said that probably three times before, so just know that I really mean it this time. It’s not everyday that you get to see a squirrel gift a human being a delectable cookie to show its appreciation.

Now that I think about it, the only place I’ve seen something like that before is in the beloved children’s book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. Remember those? I think there even a couple of spinoffs like “If You Give A Moose A Muffin” and things like that. Even back then, doing spinoff cash grabs on things that worked was an effective strategy.

But getting back to the story, we’ve got another example of security cameras being a Godsend. Not only do they help keep us safe, they also capture moments like these that otherwise would have been left to be wondered about. If you saw a cookie by your door, you would just assume it got there somewhat normally, but that was not the case with this video.

In the clip, a woman with her hands full walks up to her front door, sets down much of what she was carrying, and when she went to unlock the door, she noticed that there was a sweet treat waiting on the ledge right by the door. Puzzled, she picks it up and wonders where it came from, and then at some point thought to check her security camera in order to solve the mystery.

Thank God she did, because the rest of the video shows us exactly how the cookie got there, and let me tell you, your heart is not ready to handle this much kindness.

As it turns out, a friendly neighborhood squirrel (that this woman allegedly feeds) was the one that left the frosted cookie on the ledge, and there’s absolutely no way it was an accident.

The squirrel carries the cookie in its mouth as it climbs up the handrail near the ledge, then makes sure the “package” is secure before it makes the jump over to the ledge. Once it lands, it walks all the way over to the edge of the ledge closest to the door and carefully drops the cookie, seemingly so that the woman won’t be able to miss it.

Once it has successfully made the delivery, the squirrel jumps back down onto the rail, then back down to the ground to go on with its squirrel activities. It has to be the kindest, most thoughtful rodent I’ve ever seen, and it really sets the gratitude bar high for the rest of us humans.

Take a look:

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