Family In Cabin Get Run Off Their Deck By Mother Black Bear: “OH LAWD!”

Black bears

Family vacations are always a great way for everyone to bond and relax, that is until a black bear comes and crashes the party.

Trips to the mountains are supposed to be therapeutic, and though there were probably some nice, calm moments for this family, the one thing they are all going to remember from their cabin trip is how they got run off their own deck by a black bear.

Thankfully, it seems like everyone that was staying at the home in the mountainous area came out unscathed, and luckily for the rest of us, one person was rolling their camera the entire time to document the hilarity that came from the bears trying to take over the cabin.

Towards the beginning of the video, the man filming the video spots the mother black bear and her three cubs, and tells everyone else that’s presumably watching it all unfold from inside (or at least closer to the door):

“They’re surrounding the cabin, man. We’re stuck.”

Saying something like that would make you think that getting inside would be a good idea, but the family doesn’t do that. Instead, they become preoccupied with how cute the small black bear cubs are, and the phrase “hey cutie” can be heard being directed at the bears multiple times in the footage.

The biggest black bear takes the outdoor stairs up to the next level of the home, and that’s when things really get interesting. At one point, a gate to the upper portion of the deck is all that separates the mother bear from the family on the porch, and it doesn’t take long for the bear to realize it can jump over the fencing.

As soon as it loads up and starts to jump, the person recording let’s out a completely justified “oh sh*t” and begins to run in the opposite direction. In some of the best video editing I’ve ever seen, when the bear starts to clear the gate with its jump, the video is slowed down and the song “I Believe I Can Fly” is overlayed over the clip.

Slow motion running and drawn out screams and shrieks can be seen and heard as a couple members of the family run in the opposite direction of the black bear and towards one of the sliding glass doors to the inside of the cabin. Somehow saying that the filmography of it all is “breathtakingly brilliant” is an understatement.

A “part two” of the video is then added in afterwards showing the family reacting to the bear walking (tight rope style) on the railing of the home’s deck. One person can be heard realizing that they left their phone outside with the bear and freaking out, while the rest of everyone inside can’t stop laughing at the hilarious (but also dangerous) situation they just experienced.

I’ve watched it probably 10 times back-to-back-to-back (I don’t need to say that 10 times, you get it), and it simply doesn’t get old.

Hopefully you get the same enjoyment level out of the hilarious video as I do:

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