Man Attempts To Snap Selfie With A Wild Buck, Only To Get Smoked And Break Multiple Ribs

Deer hits tourist in Mexico
Gian Carlo

SAIL! Look out! As reported on by the New York Post, this gent named Gian Carlo was out and about on vacation in Greece with his significant other, Erika, when he made a most dubious decision.

That’s right. It’s pretty self[ie]-evident from the headline what we’re getting into here. As the Post wrote, “He got a lot of bang for his buck — and not in a good way.” Go easy on me, y’all. I had to go with a one-word song lyric for the quippy lede to my first-ever outdoorsy blog. That’s what immediately sprung to mind.

Anyway, snapshots via X and full video below, courtesy of Gian Carlo’s Erika:

How worldly of me to bring you an international incident, at that, for my outdoorsy debut! But this isn’t about me. Let’s give props where they’re due to the people involved in bringing us such premium content.

What a heads-up move by Erika to vlog this saga. Brief but riveting. Man vs. Nature, and what a shock, nature wins.

I mean YO. This little deer was not being a dear. That type of body launch would get you ejected for targeting on a college football field. Unfortunately for our injured pal, this is the grand wilderness of Greece. There are no rules. No officiating crew to protect you, Gian Carlo!

Impeccable form by the buck, in all seriousness. I mean, classic case of a wide receiver going over the middle and getting the ball completely dislodged upon contact. That’s what it looked like when Gian Carlo’s smartphone went airborne.

Gian Carlo said he was in “shock and pain” after it happened, but didn’t go to the hospital, just blasted himself full of medication, iced up, and shook it off. Pretty hard flex. Don’t let some cracked ribs ruin your vacation. Good on you, sir.

Maybe it’s just me. If I took one glimpse of those massive fallow deer antlers in person, I’d do my best to not-suddenly but surely retreat and keep as much distance as I could between myself and that beautiful creature.

Sometimes in life, the most effective way to learn a lesson is, unfortunately for Gian Carlo, the hard way. Or the super-hard, business end of a buck’s antlers…

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