Camper Wakes To Growling Grizzly Bear Attacking His Tent In Heart-Pounding Video

bear attacks camper in tent

My heartrate was about 175 watching this…

Despite what my wife tries to say about it, camping is awesome. Getting to spend a ton of uninterrupted time in nature, seeing the stars, and breathing fresh air is truly just good for the soul and I think we all (myself heavily included) need to do it more often.

But it’s videos like this that make many people (myself again included) reconsider everything I just said.

A man was solo camping out in the woods and had just woken up for the day when he began to hear some noises coming from just outside his tent. As all people do these days, he grabbed his phone and started recording a video, and when he unzipped the tent door, what he saw was literally the last thing you want to see while alone in the woods. A large bear, looking to be a grizzly bear, was sitting right outside and greeted him with a deep growling that shook me to the core and I watched it from the comfort of my office at home.

The man immediately rezipped the tent and shrunk away from the door, but at the end of the day it’s just fabric and if that bear realizes it could easily rip through it and get at some fresh human meat, he’d be in a world of trouble.

The bear then started rubbing up at the tent, seeming to sniff it while unleashing more heart-pounding grunts.

Bear Aware 101

That’s when the guy decided he needed to do something and began yelling, trying to make as much noise as possible to scare the bear off.

Whenever you find yourself in a close encounter with a bear, you generally want to make noise and get big to let the bear know you are human, but you generally don’t want to start screaming like a mad man as that can confuse the bear and make it think you are a prey animal. It’s also not wise to have a cooler of food in your tent with you, which it appears that this fella has when the bear comes sniffing around.

What followed was a few seconds of silence that seemed to drag on for minutes, until he gets the courage to go outside and see if the bear is still there. Fortunately, his yells worked and the bear scampered off, but my goodness can you imagine that’s how you wake up in the morning?

The description he put on the video is too funny to not share. Clearly he was trying to play it off a bit while also stressing that it was a horrific experience.

“It was scary… a bear attacked my tent in the forest when I was camping alone It’s better not to camp alone, haha”

Well said sir, well said…

Did you see anything fishy there?

Well, if you did, there is a very, very good reason… the video is actually fake.

If you remember back to 2014, a YouTube account by the name of Mr. Gregor achieved a whopping 42 million views with a different heart-pounding video of a bear, one chasing a man on a bicycle in the woods.

One of the greatest hoax videos of all time, people STILL fall for it to this day. It appears that Mr. Gregor is back with his new camping video, and judging by the comments on it, people are suffering the same fate. You know what they say, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…

Here’s the video that started it all:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock