It’s Legitimately Ridiculous How Good Aaron Rodgers Looks Throwing The Ball Less Than Two Months After Tearing His Achilles

Aaron Rodgers NFL

Aaron Rodgers pledged to blow our minds with how quickly he’d recover from the torn Achilles he suffered after less than a handful of Week 1 snaps. The New York Jets quarterback is already dropping back on that surgically repaired tendon and ripping spirals with relative ease.

I’d say this is surprising if Rodgers didn’t say all along that this is exactly what he’d be doing. Now, you can see he’s not putting the full weight on that planting right leg at the top of his dropback, but there’s definitely some pressure being applied. There is real weight transfer. Rodgers’ throwing mechanics look pretty much intact.

If I were him, I wouldn’t be pushing myself to this degree. It’s just bonkers stuff to see a guy pushing 40 suffer such a major injury, do that whole speed band surgery and laugh in the face of medical history and defy realistic recovery timelines. I’m not saying he’s coming back this season, yet the fact that he hasn’t ruled it out and looks this good already makes me think for a second.

Here’s another angle that better shows the weight Rodgers is putting on his right leg. It makes me anxious just to watch it, but hey, he’s able to do it!

You won’t catch me supporting some of Rodgers’ independent medical research. Whomever he consulted with about this Achilles situation, though, it’s like hmm…I guess modern medicine is good for some things!

No but in all seriousness, the NFL is a better league when Aaron Rodgers is on the field. We’re not here to get political. We want to see this man slinging that pill around on Sundays as soon as humanly possible. And I do put extreme emphasis on the last part of that previous sentence.

It’d be beyond inspiring to see Rodgers somehow make a comeback in 2023. The high-wire act is that a severe setback or re-injury would likely end the future Hall of Famer’s career. Let’s hold out hope for now, because Rodgers seems determined to accomplish the impossible. Based on the visual evidence we have to date, I wouldn’t put it past him to get the job done.

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