Ghost Hunter Takes Three Shots After He Claims Ghost Keeps Telling Him To Drink Whiskey

ghost hunter

If a ghost were trying to hang out and let loose with you, would you oblige and be its mortal drinking buddy?

I would certainly think about it, but I guess the first question that needs to be asked in this situation is whether or not one believes in ghosts. It’s an interesting idea for sure, especially if the spirits are interested in the partaking of spirits from beyond the grave.

The TV show Ghost Adventures has been airing on Discovery since 2008, and as a casual watcher, I can assure you that they have possibly, maybe, perhaps found evidence of ghosts in their years of ghost hunting (not to be confused with the other show Ghost Hunters though).

Some might watch and be skeptical of the findings, discoveries, and experiences the Ghost Adventures crew captures on camera, but I’d venture to say that this video from their show that is now going viral all but confirms the existence of ghosts.

In the clip, one of the ghost adventurers by the name of Billy is being coaxed by a spirit to drink whiskey that has been set out on a table at one of the haunted sites they are investigating.

As Billy stands and look at the table with his ghost hunting equipment, he says out loud:

“They want me to drink another whiskey dude. That’s a weird impulse.”

Is it?

Narration then comes in over the top of the footage, adding some much needed context, and does a great job of clearing things up:

“Billy starts acting very strange and has the sudden impulse to drink more whiskey.”

I’m starting to think that my liquor cabinet is haunted, because I too have sudden and strange impulses to drink alcohol from time to time.

But Billy stuck to his story, and arguably doubled down (and then tripled down) with the whiskey drinking after the ghost “just wouldn’t leave him alone” about taking another shot.

Billy said:

“Out of all the times that we’ve been ghost hunting and stuff, I have never had an impulse. I want to drink that right now.

I want another shot of this whiskey right now. It’s the weirdest thing, I wanna do it… Can I just do it?”

He then takes the shot, while the rest of the Ghost Adventures crew is floored by Billy’s behavior. Call it a whiskey-loving ghost, or alcoholism, but Billy was definitely under some sort of influence during this shoot of the Ghost Adventures TV show.

Take a look:

As you might imagine, the reply section under this video was riddled with hilarious drinking and ghost jokes, so I went ahead and gathered some of the best ones that I saw:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock