Garth Brooks Turns Off Comments On ‘Time Traveler’ Announcement After Being Bombed With “Where Are The Bodies” Comments

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Garth Brooks

What do you have to hide, G?

Earlier this week,  Garth Brooks announced his 14th (yes 14th) studio album Time Traveler, but in typical Garth fashion the album is only available on CD in a box set packaged with his old music. (Gotta boost those album sales somehow. I swear Garth is the only one keeping the CD industry in business at this point).

While we are roughly two weeks out from taking a trip to Bass Pro Shop to secure the CD and box set, Garth seems to be a little shaken up by the comments he’s received on the announcement.

By now everybody’s seen the “Where are the bodies, Garth?” comments. It all started with Tom Segura and his Your Mom’s House podcast, but if you don’t know already know the full story…click here…read up and then return to this.

I mean, hell, even on our post about the album, comments are filled with people asking where the bodies are.

And this guy’s comment on our post takes the cake:

“There’s at least a 17% chance that Garth Brooks turns out to be the most prolific serial killer in U.S. History.”

Naturally, when he announced the album people immediately took to the posts to ask Garth where he hides the bodies of his victims…but apparently G wasn’t too pleased with that feedback

So what did he do?

Turn off the comments.

If it was ANY other artist that did this, it would probably slide under the radar, maybe get a few comments that it was annoying…

But Garth is already under the microscope. Because he had the comments on FULL blast and then silence…it’s a little sus, Garth.

It kind of feels like this is a confession of sorts.

Next thing we know, he will be changing the words of “Friends In Low Places” to “Friends In Crawl Spaces.”

Dust Off That CD Player, Garth Announces 14th Studio Album, ‘Time Traveler’

A new Garth Brooks album is on the way, and no, it’s not a box set.

Just kidding… OF COURSE there is a box set involved…

Produced by Garth himself, the 10 track album titled Time Traveler marks the 14th of G’s illustrious career, and will be included in Garth’s new 7 disc boxed set, The Limited Series.

“There are a lot of different eras on this album, thus the name. Country music’s core is sincerity, after that, you can dress it up a thousand different ways. I am so lucky to live under the flag of Country Music.”

And it wouldn’t be Garth Brooks if there wasn’t a weird and difficult way to actually get a hold of his music so The Limited Series box set will be on sale exclusively at Bass Pro Shops on November 7th. Dust of that CD player, folks.

Orders purchased online will ship mid November (so not on November 7th?) and  The Limited Series will include Man Against Machine, Gunslinger, Fun and the 3 disc Triple Live. This is the third and final release of The Limited Series. The previous 2 were released in 1998 and 2005.

The release will also coincide with the opening of Garth Brooks Nashville bar, Friends in Low Places, which will kick off with the Friends In Low Places Bar & Honky-Tonk Dive Bar Concert on Black Friday.

Sounds awesome, G. I think I speak for everyone when I say… PUT IT ON SPOTIFY. Who actually has a CD player, anymore? Seriously? Unless you drive an older car that still has one, or maybe have that old sound system laying around that you got for Christmas in 2004… I couldn’t play a CD right now if I tried. Gonna have to be a “time traveler” to actually listen to it…

And Bass Pro Shops is awesome, love it there, but let’s not act like it’s Walmart or Target and there’s one on every corner. They have less than 200 stores in North America… a lot of folks are gonna have to take a little drive.

Death, taxes, and a Garth Brooks CD box set… I swear to God, man….

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