Black Bear In A Full Sprint Chases Biker Down A Mountain In Montana

black bear

This is a situation I simply hope I never find myself in.

Whenever you go mountain biking, you’re typically only thinking about keeping control of the bike and looking out for the terrain so you don’t flip and bust your a*s.

However, perhaps the last thing on your mind is a whole black bear chasing you down as you make your way down the mountain…

Okay not gonna lie, considering my phobia of getting mauled by a bear, this would 100% be on the front of my mind, but you wouldn’t actually expect it to happen right?

Well, this nightmare situation became a terrifying reality for this one mountain biker who was making his way down a trail in Whitefish, Montana.

In the wild video footage, you can see the biker quickly make his way down the mountain, as the black bear is in a full sprint, looking like it has the biker dead to rights.

How in the world this biker was able to maintain their composure during this whole ordeal?

I have no clue, because I’d be terrified if it were me.

This is just yet another example of the things you always have to be prepared for whenever you make a trip to Montana.

Check it out:


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