Young Boy Gets Jelly Roll’s Attention For Cover Of “Save Me” During School Talent Show

Jelly Roll country music

Something about a kid singing this song hits differently.

A mother shared a video of a young boy singing Jelly Roll’s famed track “Save Me” for his school talent show. The mom made a comment on the post:

“My sweet boy loves Jelly Roll.” 

The kid accompanies himself on guitar while singing the heartbreaking lyrics of feeling lost and needing to be saved. Not only does this boy have a killer voice, but he does the whole song while playing the guitar himself too, making this an impressive performance for his age.

As the song goes on and he gets to the chorus of the song, you suddenly hear a soft chorus of vocals coming from the crowd as his classmates help him and sing along.

“I’m a lost causeBaby, don’t waste your time on meI’m so damaged beyond repairLife has shattered my hopes and my dreams…”

The performer’s mother tagged Jelly Roll’s wife, Bunnie XO, in the comments in an attempt to get the singer’s attention – and it worked, as Jelly Roll himself commented on the video:

“This is incredible- wow man- hell yeah! And playing the guitar at the same time- hearing the crowd sing with him is special.” 

The mother was in shock that Jelly Roll noticed her son replied to the comment, adding how excited he would be to see the singer’s reply:

“He will be over the moon when he gets home from school and finds out you commented on his video! Thank you, Jelly Roll.” 

I bet seeing this comment encourages her son to keep singing and performing. Maybe he will be the next big name we are writing about in a few years.

@tabs0910 @Bunnie Xo 🪄 help get this to jelly roll it would make my boys day!! #fypシ゚viral #schooltalentshow #1stplacewinner #jellyandbunnie #jellyroll ♬ original sound – Tabitha Ferguson

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