Massive Herd Of Elk Post Up In Colorado Neighborhood

Elk herd in Estes Park

In my neck of the woods in upstate South Carolina, you typically won’t see much wildlife make its way onto your lawn. From time to time, a handful of deer might be seen hanging out, but the second they see a car pass by or a human, they’re out of there and probably not coming back.

But this right here? This is just something I can’t even imagine seeing in person.

In this wild video footage, you can see a MASSIVE herd of elk, basically overtaking an Estes Park, Colorado neighborhood. Seriously, several yards are completely covered with the creatures, just lying down and hanging out. You can see a handful of bulls, but the majority of the group consists of tons of cows.

And the wildest part? They aren’t even phased by the passing cars, and continue to sit there unbothered. Although, if you know anything about Estes Park, this is pretty common. Elk are EVERYWHERE in that part of the state… in front yards, on streets and sidewalks, roaming around golf courses… it’s just a way of life there.

My only question is, what do the homeowners do in this situation? If they’re blocking access into your home, you don’t want to shew them away because elk have been known to be aggressive at times if they’re approached by humans, especially during the rut.

Needless to say, it’s a pretty sticky situation for the homeowners, but I pretty amazing sight to see from the viewer’s perspective.

Check it out:

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