Buck Interrupts Wedding Photos For A Nibble On The Bride’s Bouquet

Deer eats bride's flowers

You can’t make this stuff up. That just seems too perfect, like a scene out of an old-school Disney movie, and I’d venture to guess that the deer calmly walking into the wedding photos must be a good luck sign.

When it comes to loved animals, whitetail deer put up a good argument as being one of the favorites. People love them, and it’s hard not to love them. They are so peaceful, majestic, there’s a cuteness factor there, and for the hunters out there, they taste pretty damn good. For some deer are viewed as a good meal and meat for the winter months, while for others, they are backyard friends. Regardless of why people love them, it seems many do.

These folks had some wedding photos that you could not plan if you wanted to. Really, these are a hunter’s dream wedding photos. They are seen lined up in a field getting the pictures. A nice little basket buck wonders over towards them. The buck slowly walks up and starts eating right off of the bride’s bouquet like he’s trying to start the reception a little early.

The deer hangs around and gets right into the photo shoot for some one-of-a-kind wedding photos.

Check it out:

As cool as this scene is, a deer that friendly probably doesn’t bode well for its own long-term future. When deer get that friendly with people, it usually means they are being fed, and when they are being fed, they can lose their survival instincts that keep them off the dinner table for both hunters and predators alike. They can also move closer to human environments, which can eventually lead to some aggressive behavior and a visit from wildlife services.

H0pefully that’s not the case with this fella, or maybe they’re on some kind of wedding venue farm where deer just wander around regularly, but either way, it’s a cool interaction… you just hope it doesn’t mean bad things for the deer down the road.

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