Riley Green Releases Live Performance Video Of Longtime Fan-Favorite, “They Don’t Make ‘Em Like That No More”

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A fan-favorite from Riley Green’s new album.

He just released his sophomore record Ain’t My Last Rodeo a couple weeks ago, which included unreleased songs we’d been hearing for years like “Mississippi Or Me,” and the one we’re talking about today, “They Don’t Make ‘Em Like That No More.”

Written alongside Chris Lindsey and Aimee Mayo, Riley first debuted it three years ago now during his Golden Saw Music Hall Series, and with heartfelt, nostalgic lyrics about the good old days and what life used to be like, it deeply resonated with fans immediately.

While the song is relatively simple in terms of both the lyrics and message, it fits right in Riley’s wheelhouse by delivering a message about being thankful for where you come from and the importance of focusing on things that really matter, as is evidenced by the chorus:

“‘Cause they don’t make ’em like that no more
Some things you can’t find at the discount store
There’s just something about bein’ handmade
Bought with cash on a firm handshake

Like ol’ Zebco’s and pocket knives
Shotguns, rifles, four wheel drives
And this worn out pair of boots my daddy wore
They don’t make ’em like that no more”

It fits right in with the overall theme of his new project in terms of subject matter and a more simple, decidedly country production, and this more basic, stripped-back live performance is the perfect way to play the song.

Check it out:

“They Don’t Make Em Like That No More”

Ain’t My Last Rodeo tracklist:

“Damn Country Music” – (Jessi Alexander, Cary Barlowe, Josh Thompson)
“They Don’t Make ‘Em Like That No More” – (Riley Green, Chris Lindsey, Aimee Mayo)
“Mississippi Or Me” – (Riley Green, Tyler Reeve, Josh Thompson)
“Different ‘Round Here (featuring Luke Combs)” – (Riley Green, Randy Montana, Jonathan Singleton)
“Ain’t Like I Can Hide It” – (Riley Green, Chris Dubois, Bobby Pinson)
“Copenhagen In A Cadillac (featuring Jelly Roll)” – (Riley Green, Erik Dylan, Wyatt McCubbin)
“Damn Good Day To Leave” – (Riley Green, Erik Dylan, Jonathan Singleton, Nick Walsh)
“My Last Rodeo” – (Riley Green)
“Workin’ On Me” – (Riley Green, Rhett Akins, Randy Montana)
“Raised Up Right” – (Riley Green, Jeremy Bussey, Chris Dubois, Lynn Hutton)
“God Made a Good Ol’ Boy” – (Riley Green, Erik Dylan, Wyatt McCubbin, Jonathan Singleton)
“Ain’t My Damn To Give” – (Tucker Beathard, Ben Simonetti, Jonathan Singleton)

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