Bears Backup QB Tyson Bagent’s Father (28-Time Arm Wrestling Champion) Is Now Tom Pelissero’s Daddy

Tyson Bagent dad

When Chicago Bears starting quarterback Justin Fields got hurt a week ago against the Minnesota Vikings, the Bears rolled out their second string quarterback, a guy by the name of Tyson Bagent.

Now I have to admit, my first thought that came to mind was:

“Who the hell is Tyson Bagent?”

Typically, second string quarterbacks are either several year NFL journeymen guys, or guys who were great in college but didn’t pan out as a starting QB in the NFL, and I typically at least recognize the names.

But this guy? He sounded like he could’ve played for Eastaboga Community College. And he might as well have. Bagent did almost play on that level, as he’s from the Division II school Shepherd University in Martinsburg West Virginia.

Now no hate on Division II athletics, but you very rarely see these guys make NFL rosters, much less the second string quarterback position. However, Bagent has officially made it, and had an impressive first start by going 21-29 passing for 162 yards and one touchdown in route to a 30-12 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders.

But speaking of Bagent, little did I know that his father, Travis, is a legend himself… I’m talking about a arm wrestling world champ with 28 world championships to his name. So, NFL+ announcer Tom Pelissero had to get a peak at what all the hype was about himself, so he challenged Travis to an arm wrestling match.

You can hear the announcers in the booth say:

“Tom, don’t do it, don’t do it.”

As they get set up, Travis then explains:

“It’s real easy. If your hand hits that pad, you are great, you are the baddest dude in the history of the NFL Network. What usually happens is I win, what’s best for you is don’t fight it. Everybody’s good at something and this is what I do.”

As they start going at it, Travis hilariously says:

“Relax young man I thought you’d be a lot stronger. I’ll take it from here. The rest of these people they’ve been calling me Travis, you can call me daddy young man.”

And of course, with Travis not even trying, he easily beats ol’ Tom. I’m just glad he didn’t go all out, because he definitely would’ve sent that man to the hospital.

Check it out:

Bagent managed the game well, and got the Dub, but even from the beginning of training camp this year, he’s been praised for having a charismatic personality and a lot of swagger, and it’s not hard to see where he gets it.

Can you imagine the average dad grabbing a mic on live TV like that? The dude is electric.

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