CBS To Re-Air ‘Yellowstone’ Season 2 After Phenomenal Season 1 Run

Jamie and Beth Dutton Yellowstone
Yellowstone/Paramount Network

Yellowstone continues to be one of the most dominant forces in the television world.

The Kevin Costner led show (for now) originally aired back in 2018, and though it has been on the Paramount Network and available to stream on Paramount Plus for years, the show’s first season re-runs just did tremendous ratings on CBS.

CBS decided to pick up the show and air it primetime slots this Fall due to the writers and actors strike that began earlier this year. Though the writers strike wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, the multi-month break will delay any new content from coming out for quite some time.

With the actor’s strike still ongoing, CBS had a decision to make regarding Yellowstone, and looking at the numbers, it wasn’t a very hard choice.

According to Variety, the reruns of season one on CBS averaged 5.49 million viewers per episode, which is remarkable considering the show is more than five years old and could have been streamed by TV watchers long before the traditional network started airing them.

And with those numbers in mind, CBS has announced that they will keep the Yellowstone wagon rolling, and will choose to move forward with airing season two of the hit western show.

The network posted on their social media accounts saying:

“‘CBS “Yellowstone’ broadcast event will continue with the explosive second season beginning Sunday, October 29th.”

I don’t think I’ve ever heard syndicated television be called “explosive,” but I understand why CBS would want to hype up the show considering its impressive viewership with the first season.

And why might this be working out for the long-running TV channel? Well, there’s still a large demographic that sticks to watching cable, so having a show that wasn’t easily accessible before (for some people) suddenly be available on CBS was a win for the “non-streamers.”

Translation: your parents and grandparents and older aunts and uncles are finally getting around to watching Yellowstone. Be prepared for them to text you about the show as if it just came out for the very first time…

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