Morgan Wallen Shows Off New Look On Instagram And The Comments Are Pure Gold

Morgan Wallen country music
Morgan Wallen

Moving on from the mullet.

A couple months ago, Morgan Wallen sent the internet into a tailspin when he showed up at a concert with a shaved head, ditching his signature mullet for the Mr. Clean look and breaking the hearts of some of his biggest fans.

But now that his hair has started to grow back, the “Last Night” singer took to Instagram yesterday to update his look – and fans had all kinds of jokes.

Right away, some compared him to Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and joked that Morgan is also trying to score a date with Taylor Swift.

@olivia.lankford THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I cannot handle the fact these two fine men both have staches rn 🔥🔥#morganwallen #traviskelce #countrymusic #morganwallenhaircut #mustaches ♬ yeah hot people use this sound – cxaluv

Others said that Morgan looks like he should have a different career with the new haircut and mustache:

“I feel like you’re about to ask for my license and registration”

“No more music. Morgan sells insurance now”

“Bro is gonna ask people to step out of the car”

“Looks like your trying to sell me solar panels”

“Can I get a liter of cola?”

(Love a good Super Troopers reference).

“Hope the audition for Reno 911 went well brother!”

“He looks like every dude you went to HS with that started working at his dad’s landscaping company & has three kids before 22”

“Last night we talked about your taxes, deductions, rates , and new class actions”

“Next Album name : Calling about your cars extended warranty”

“the new and improved jake from statefarm”

But some just thought Morgan was putting off some big dad vibes – which may be true, as the superstar is the father to 3-year old Indigo.

“I can almost guarantee he has white new balance runners on”

“Disappointed father arc, here for it”

“You look like you just put on a fresh pair of new balance bby”

“Big Dad Energy”

And of course there were plenty of girls in the comments asking him to be their daddy, but that’s pretty normal for a Morgan Wallen post.

Of course some people thought the photo was AI generated:

“Honestly one of the weirdest pics on insta I’ve ever opened the app too”

“Is this one of those AI photographs?”

And others pointed out that he posted the photo at 11pm eastern with the caption “Good morning,” but honestly that’s one of the less weird things about the post so whatever.

Either way, Morgan always knows how to get people talking, whether it’s intentionally or not.

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