Deion Sanders Blasts Team After Stanford Loss: “You’re Not Going To Be Taken Care Of”

Deion Snders press conference

Last Friday night, one of the most insane comebacks, and also one of the worst collapses in all of college football occurred. I tuned into the Colorado vs. Stanford game, and needless to say, it was a bloodbath in the first half.

Colorado looked like they were playing division two team, and had their way with the Cardinal resulting in a 29-0 deficit at halftime… and the thing is, it felt like it could’ve been even worse than that. I turned it off and went to bed, only to find out that Colorado had completely blown their 29 point lead, and lost to Stanford 46-43 in double overtime.

I was baffled, along with the rest of the college football world. As you can imagine, Colorado head coach Deion Sanders was left speechless after the game, and who could blame him? This game was everything but over at halftime.

He said in the press conference after the game:

“They gotta make up their mind, are they in love with this game or like it. When you love something, you give to it unconditionally. You give everything you got to it. But when you like it, that’s just a button you push.

It’s hard for me because I love this. Without a shadow of a doubt, I am truly 100 percent in love with this thing.

I just want people to match me. Match my passion, match my heart, match my love, match my consistency.”

And if you think that was rough, check out the postgame speech he gave to his players that’s surfaced. Needless to say, it took Coach Prime everything he possibly had to not blow a gasket.

You can hear him say:

“You’re not going to be taken care of. You’re not going to be looked after. You’re not going to have the luxury of all this, and you’re going to have to go out there and get it on your and work your butt off because ain’t nobody going to give you nothing.

I don’t think you understand of what this world consists of. What we just did today was pathetic. All the love you receive, all the love we receive, you getting ready to see that flip.

And don’t get beside yourself on social media and start responding to the foolishness because they’re right. They’re right. And we’re practicing tomorrow. God bless. Have a wonderful night.”

I can imagine Saturday morning was a rough one for the Colorado players.

Check it out:

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