Legendary Sports Announcer Al Michaels Claims He’s Never Eaten A Vegetable: “Man Does Not Need Vegetables To Survive”

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Say what you want about this life principle, but you’ve got to give it to the guy for sticking with it.

Al Michaels is one of the best known sports announcers of all-time, his voice being forever tied with the NFL and Sunday and Monday Night Football, the 1980 ‘Miracle On Ice’ for the NHL, and Game 3 of the MLB 1989 World Series which was interrupted by an earthquake, but after a recent interview, fans are forever going to associate him with something non-sports related.

Al sat down for an interview with CNN’s Chris Wallace recently, and while I don’t know exactly how the conversation got to this point, Wallace asked him about a rumor that had been circulating for some time.

“Is it true that you’ve never knowingly eaten a vegetable in your life?”

To which Al responds

“That is true”

An absolutely wild statement, but he goes on to explain that his parents were very young when they had him so they basically just let him do and eat whatever he wanted and never forced him to eat the vegetables that he pushed away.

But my favorite line of the whole thing is what he wrapped up his initial response with.

“I guess what I’ve proven, Chris, is that man does not need vegetables to survive.”

What a line… Dropping the hammer on all those “Make sure you eat your broccoli” folks.

Chris can’t let it go, and really who can blame him, I mean literally everyone eats vegetables at least from time to time. He asks if he possibly would like one of the more non-objectionable veggies if he gave it a try and mentions carrots as a potential first introduction, but Al shoots that down with visible disgust.

“Oh please. No, that’s an objectionable vegetable… I look at it. I just don’t even like the look of it and I surmise what it might taste like in terms of the texture of it… It just doesn’t look like something that would go down well.”

Now listen, I’m no health freak but I do take pride in staying fit and trying to be at least decently healthy and part of that is eating a good amount of vegetables. Of course, given that Al Michaels is still crushing it at 78 years old, I may have to alter my diet a bit.

Add another accomplishment to Al Michaels already impressive list.

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