Polar Bear Pets A Dog Allegedly Because It Was A “Good Boy”

polar bear pets dog
David de Mulles

This video proves that being a “Good Boy” is universal.

I do want to preface all of this by saying that polar bears are absolutely ruthless animals. I think a lot of people forget that because we’ve been conditioned to think that all they do is dance around and drink Coca-Cola.

In reality, they are just as carnivorous as grizzly bears and black bears, and it’s that very reason that makes this video of a polar bear being gentle with a dog a little confusing.

In the clip, a dog that is chained up is sitting next to a polar bear right by the water. Normally this would be very concerning, but this particular polar bear seemed to be more curious than carnivorous.

As strange as this might sound, it genuinely seems like the big white bear is petting the dog that is sitting next to it. Over and over, the polar bear lifts up its paw and strokes the top of the dog’s head.

Could a wild animal actually be petting a dog? Seems very unlikely, though you can’t exactly go against the tape on this one. You watch this video and tell me the polar bear isn’t patting the dog on the head in order to tell it that it’s being a good boy.

The dog eventually gets up and tries to move away from the polar bear, accidentally getting the big bear tangled up in the chain attached to its collar. I would have been worried that doing so might get the polar bear agitated, but it seemed like the person videoing was just laughing it off.

Ultimately, having some more information on this whole thing would help us better understand the situation. However, just going based off what we can see, it looks like this polar bear and this dog are the best of friends.

Every dog on the planet deserves to be pet on the head, and I guess it doesn’t matter if the petting is done by a person or a polar bear. Let’s just hope that the polar bear stays friendly with the pupper…

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