Moose Charges At Alaskan Woman In Backyard, Dog Jumps In To Save Her

Moose charges woman in Alaska

Big kudos to the rottweiler here.

Ring doorbell cameras have given us all sorts of awesome animal encounters over the years.

The biggest miss from Shark Tank was obviously created with home security in mind, but has turned into a goldmine for awesome videos that blow up the internet, especially when they involve wildlife.

Whether it’s a woman being chased by a raccoon or a moose shedding its antlers, there’s no shortage of home video gold being recorded at all times of day, all around the world.

This latest video I’ve came across shows a slightly different scene, one that starts peaceful and almost turns horrific.

An Alaskan woman was going out to enjoy a day in the backyard with her two dogs and everything looked right with the world, but one of her dogs wouldn’t get off the porch and seemed to sense something nearby.

Eventually the woman decides the dog will follow her if it wants and starts walking down her porch stairs into the yard when a large moose erupts from next to her shed, right where the pensive puppy was staring.

The moose clearly feels threatened, maybe she had just given birth and her calves were nearby, but it made a beeline right to the woman, who gets so overwhelmed that she trips going up the stairs, leaving her a sitting duck for some nasty hooves.

Fortunately, she had another dog in the yard with her and this rottweiler was having none of its owner being attacked. The good ole boy goes right on the defensive, getting between the lady and moose and runs it off back into the woods which it came.

Eventually, the yard looks just as calm as it started, but the idea of a peaceful afternoon outdoors was ruined. Big shoutout to the dog for keeping that lady safe; things looked super hairy for a little bit there.

Maybe if I show my wife this video she’ll get onboard with us getting a rottweiler… I’ve just always loved those guys.

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