Black Bear Yanks On Car Window Until It Shatters

Black bear smashes car window

Woah bear…

Imagine walking out to your car in the morning and finding your window smashed open. If you live in a major city, it’s fairly common to wake up to a smashed window, and maybe has even happened to you. Of course, the culprit is usually someone looking for cash, or sometimes guns, in your car.

A pretty shocking endeavor, no doubt, but it would be even more of a shock to find out that it wasn’t a person who did it.

In bear country, these black bears can do whatever they want to. These beasts can reach up to 600 pounds in weight and they can also have up to 4 cubs. Those two things mean bears are very motivated when it comes to finding food.

And they are great at it. Beyond the fact they can smell food from miles away, they can rip, dig, jump, bite and climb their way through just about anything to get to food. And they don’t discriminate.

If it is edible or even borderline edible and holds calories, these bears will eat it. From grass and berries to garbage and roadkill bears just don’t care. They need to pack on pounds for the winter months and they will do what they have to to get there. If they catch a whiff of just a little crumb, they could travel miles, and destroy property just to lick an empty potato chip bag.

This mama bear showed just what they can and will do as caught on this security camera.

The black bear with her small cubs is seen approaching a vehicle. She must smell a chocolate bar wrapper or something because she gets right to work yanking on the window.

The bear starts prying and pulling, and the window appears to be cracked because she actually pulls it off the vehicle. She falls backwards as it shatters into a million pieces… mission accomplished.

She then gets right in and takes what she wants from the vehicle, a great reminder to clean out your vehicle if you’re in bear country.

I bet the insurance company got a kick out of the video…

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