Philadelphia Eagles Superfan Pulls Up At 4:30AM To Tailgate For Thursday Night Football: “I Had Chills This Morning”

Eagles fan tailgate

Man, it feels amazing knowing that at exactly 8:15 PM, NFL football will be on TV.

The Minnesota Vikings are taking on the Philadelphia Eagles for what should be an another awesome prime time matchup. After the absolute snoozefest that Thursday Night Football was last year, we’re already 2 for 2 with fantastic matchups.

Now, there’s one thing you need to know about the Eagles, and it’s that they have arguably the most rabid fanbase in all of the NFL.

Hell, Philly sports fans in general are notorious for this…

This game has been talked about and anticipated in the state of Pennsylvania since the second the clock hit zero after the Eagles beat the New England Patriots last Sunday, so you can expect the environment to be rowdy tonight.

But speaking of insanely dedicated Eagles fans, this guy right here may top them all.

Let me introduce you to Gregg Matza, the Eagles fan who has literally been sitting out at his tailgate in the parking lot of Lincoln Financial Field since 4:30 this morning.

And yes, yes he’s planning on making it into the game by the 8:15 kickoff.

Matza, repping Eagles gear from head to toe, told KYW News’ Tim Jemenez bright and early this morning:

“Just to put this t-shirt on, the Kelly green Reggie White t-shirt, I had like chills this morning driving. I’m thinking about the game, I’m thinking about how the defense is gonna play.

Are we gonna run the ball? Is Jalen Hurts gonna play better than he did last week because he didn’t have a Jalen Hurts game.

I mean everybody knows that. So we’ve got to clean up our mistakes. We’ve got a lot of injuries tonight, but D’Andre Swift I think is really gonna step up for the birds. Six point win, my prediction.”

And when he was asked how he was gonna last this whole time until 8:15, Matza responded:

“Listen, this is what I do. I’m usually the first one down here. You got to sleep early, I went to bed early last night and you get up and you know what you got.

My tickets are in the end zone, I’m in section 128, 20 rows from the field. Why wouldn’t you wanna be down here for a game like this? This is primetime. The whole world gets to see the Eagles play, so lets go.”

You have to love the commitment, but also have to wonder… if he’s certifiably insane?

Be looking for ol’ Matza in the end zone.

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