Detroit Lions WR Amon-Ra St. Brown Channels ‘Key & Peele’ Skit, Almost Got Flagged For “Too Many Pumps”

Detroit Lions TD

Man was it great to have football back this weekend, and it was also hilarious to see a comedy sketch literally play out on the real-life football field.

If you know a certain comedy duo’s legendary sketch show called Key & Peele, this celebration from Detroit Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown will probably look a tad familiar.

After scoring a touchdown against the Chiefs last Thursday night, St. Brown decided to celebrate, and the camera could not cut away fast enough:

Yeah, can’t be doing that on live national television…

Just to lay down some backstory, the Key & Peele sketch (which is linked below) features Keegan-Michael Key playing a football player named “Hingle McCringleberry,” and Jordan Peele plays a stickler ref who makes sure to follow the rules of excessive celebration.

In the fictitious league, the refs only allow two hip thrusts during celebrations, and if a player tries to do a third “pump,” they will be penalized.

The idea is one of the funnier sports comedy skits you’ll ever see, and it appears that they kind of predicted it to happen (like The Simpsons) because it played out in real life in the NFL.

News has gotten out that the refs that were working the game warned the Lions coaching staff that if Amon-Ra St. Brown did “one more pump,” he would get a flag thrown on him. The hilarious sketch has actually come to life:

Fans actually found out about the behind-the-scenes, “almost penalty” through Amon-Ra’s podcast called the St. Brown Bros Podcast. The star wide receiver for the Lions was talking about the planning that went into the celebration if he scored the touchdown, and how he knew he could get in trouble for it.

After he reached the end zone and did his “dance,” St. Brown was apparently told by one of his receiving coaches that the refs had a message for him. Brown said:

“I hit it, boom, no flag. I get to the sideline, sit down, I’m celebrating. And then my receiver coach is like ‘Hey Saint, one more pump and they said they were going to throw the flag.’

And I was like ‘hey, it’s done now, already got it off, ain’t no more pumps.'”

The NFL refs were indeed counting the pumps just like the ref in the Key & Peele skit. Art imitates life, and sometimes football imitates a comedy sketch show.

Take a look at the skit below:

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