Travis & Jason Kelce Were Both Once Kicked Out Of Preschool: “We Were Stabbing Each Other With Sporks”

Travis and Jason Kelce
New Heights podcast

I hope you are enjoying the first “Football Sunday” of the NFL season while you are reading this.

Maybe you are checking in on this during a commercial break (I guess you didn’t pay for the “7 hours of commercial free football”), or you are taking a breather because your favorite team is losing, or your bet that you thought was a “lock” just crumbled apart.

Regardless, football is BACK, and two of the NFL’s biggest stars decided to share some pretty hilarious news with the world right in time for Week 1.

Travis Kelce (from the Kansas City Chiefs) and Jason Kelce (from the Philadelphia Eagles) have a wildly successful podcast called New Heights.

Travis asked his brother if had had taught his kids to fight “the Kelce way,” to which Jason said he had yet to “train them.” Jason also said:

“I’m trying to keep them from getting kicked out of preschool the way I was.”

Travis then reveals that they both got kicked out of preschool, which is just a wild thing to have on your record. The star tight end told his brother Jason to start the story, to which he said:

“For some reason, we were stabbing each other with sporks and I hit him hard enough right in the forehead. I just remember the next day his dad had him under his arm and he had four little spork dots, and they were kicking me out.”

They both got a good laugh out of Jason’s story, and then it was time for Travis to give his preschool-kick-out anecdote. As Travis started laughing recalling the story, he said:

“Meanwhile, I got kicked out of preschool because during playtime, we were playing checkers, and I was winning because I don’t f**king lose at checkers…

I kept winning and the teacher told me, ‘you know Travis, you have to share’ and I was like, ‘that’s not how it rolls.’ And she said ‘no, you have to share,’ and I said ‘no, I don’t’ and threw the chair that I was sitting in at her.”

Both of them clearly had the fire in them from the very beginning, which must be why the two brothers eventually made it to the NFL. You can view the clip from their podcast below:

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