Detroit Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell Delivers All-Time Great Postgame Comment: “I Didn’t Learn Anything… We’re Built For This Sh*t”

Dan Campbell
Detroit Lions

Dan Campbell, the head coach for the Detroit Lions and also known as MCDC (Motor City Dan Campbell), might very well be the most liked coach in the NFL.

Everyone loves a good underdog story, and Dan Campbell has led his Detroit Lions team out of decades of misery and horrible football and into an era of playoff and even Super Bowl contention. Campbell loves his team just as much as he loves biting other team’s kneecaps (inside joke about MCDC).

Some people have questioned his coaching style and high-intensity after he was named the head coach in Detroit in 2021, but no one is doubting him now after his squad marched into Kansas City and won the season opener against the defending Super Bowl Champion Chiefs 21 to 20.

The great thing about Campbell is that he’s not afraid to do some trash talking, which is usually just in the form of supporting his players and his team.

After the Lions took down Patrick Mahomes and whoever else was out there dropping all of his passes, Dan Campbell went into the locker room and fired his team up with an impassioned speech:

“Let me ask you this. Did we expect to win that game? (Yes!) We did, and that’s exactly what we did. Because we’re built that f**king way and everything we talked about was how it went down. 

We had to be patient man… I told you guys we’re built for this sh*t. We can overcome anything as long as you guys just f**king hang with it. We got a ton to clean up when we get back, but until then, enjoy this. I’m proud of you guys.”

And after he finished up the badass speech in the locker room, he went out to talk to the media and continued “talking that talk.”

Someone from the media asked Campbell after the game what he learned about his team during the win against the Chiefs.

MCDC responded the only way he knows how:

“I didn’t learn anything. I got verification on what I already knew. And this is a resilient team, it already was a resilient team and we added pieces to that resilient team.

So we’re built to handle some stuff and we did that today against a very good opponent.”

The Lions have always been counted out over the years, but with Dan Campbell at the helm, it appears that they are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

His energy is infectious (and makes him incredibly likable), and is apparently fueled by the equivalent of 10 Red Bulls every morning:

A beer bottle on a dock



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