Kansas City Chiefs Star DT Chris Jones Watches Game From Suite Amid Holdout

Chiefs Chris Jones

Well this must be a little bit awkward for the Kansas City Chiefs…

The NFL season is officially underway and the world’s best football players are back on the gridiron. At least most of them are back out there…

In the recent years of player empowerment, we’ve seen a trend in all of sports where players will simply choose not to play if they think they are undervalued, or more commonly can’t reach an agreement on a contract.

That’s what is happening currently with the Kansas City Chiefs and star defensive player Chris Jones, who plays the defensive tackle position and is holding out for a better contract.

The story has been pretty well covered in the sports world, and Jones’ idea of a “fair contract” might have changed after the 49ers’ Joey Bosa got the Brinks truck backed up to his house.

So with the Chiefs currently in action, Chris Jones is not suited up and isn’t playing with his team. However, he is attending the game, though he isn’t on the Kansas City sidelines either.

He’s actually living it up in a suite and taking in the game as a fan would, which is honestly pretty weird isn’t it? He apparently wanted to be at the game to see the Chief’s championship banner unveiled, and I guess I understand that.

But I feel like if you want to be there for that, you should probably be wearing pads and a helmet like the rest of the guys.

Hopefully the Chiefs will be able to hang without their best defensive tackle, otherwise things could be pretty awkward next time Jones walks into the team locker room.

I think it also looks worse that he’s relaxing in a “fancy box seat” instead of toughing it out in the stands, which is the least he could do if he isn’t going to play.

Social media has had some fun with the whole thing and pulled out all of the memes to perfectly encapsulate the situation:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock