Oliver Anthony Releases “90 Some Chevy,” A Good Old-Fashioned Country Music Love Song

Oliver Anthony country music

Changing it up on us.

Oliver Anthony has captured the hearts of blue-collar America with his anti-politician anthem, “Rich Men North Of Richmond,” and he’s connected even deeper to his new (rather massive) audience with songs like “Ain’t Gotta Dollar,” “Rich Man’s Gold,” and “I’ve Got To Get Sober.”

Seemingly overnight, he’s managed to give a voice to so many who feel beat down and abandoned by the corrupt and inefficient policies of the politicians in Washington DC, both Republican and Democrat. A voice to those in the rural pockets of America who feel forgotten, and even sometimes despised, by the powers that be.

Or as Joe Rogan put it when Oliver appeared on his podcast, people are just “tired of being f*cked with and it seems like people in power are always f*cking with people.”

But… this song right here? This is a good old-fashioned, backwoods, country love song.

Titled “90 Some Chevy,” the song seems tp have first appeared on Oliver’s TikTok channel earlier this year. The title alludes to a woman’s love that’s running good and strong like a “90 Some Chevy,” but also takes a more literal approach at the end of the chorus, when the two hop into the back of that ol’ “90 Some Chevy.”

Take a quick look at some of the lyrics:

“That ol’ darlin’ of mine is like a 90 some Chevy
Rides just right when you turn her on
Only thing sounds better than that ol’ 350
Is when she’s running up to kiss me when I get home…”

“We can take ‘er nice and slow
A case of beer and a Zebco,
Let the sun sink good and low
Ain’t no telling where we’ll go
In the back of that 90 some Chevy….”

Quite the departure from the heavy nature of some of his previous work, but hey, it can’t be doom and gloom all the time, right?

Once again, even with lighter, perhaps more palatable, material, Oliver Anthony just continues to impress.

The sky’s the limit for this dude…

“Thanks so much to everyone, this version should be up on Apple services by the end of the day, and Spotify/etc… in a few days. Enjoy your Labor Day!”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock