Koe Wetzel Breaks Up A Fight Between Shirtless Dudes During Show In Mississippi: “Have Fun In Jail, A**hole”

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Koe Wetzel concerts are not for the faint of heart, but this is just insane.

I will never, ever understand why people get into fights at concerts (yes, I know it’s annoying when people try to cut in front of you or shove you out of the way), and Koe didn’t mince his words putting an end to one at his show in Southaven, Mississippi over the weekend.

During the concert at BankPlus Amphitheater at Snowden Grove, Koe noticed two or three shirtless guys going at it in the crowd relatively close to the front of the stage and causing a big commotion as he was trying to introduce his next song.

In the video below, you can see them shoving each other some, as the Southaven police quickly intervened to escort them all out and I’m guessing arrest them once they got out of the packed crowd.

Koe certainly wasn’t having any of it, looking pretty damn annoyed (understandably) that he had to stop the show and try to break it up, telling them to stop and “have fun in jail”:

“Hey y’all quit that shit… y’all stop that fighting bullshit, take that shit outside. Have fun in jail, asshole.

This one goes out to the Southaven police department, y’all.”

Can we please stop fighting at concerts, people… they’re supposed to be fun last I checked, and that’s certainly not fun for any of the parties involved.

You can watch the full video here:

@ms.paula75 #fight #koewetzel #southavenms #february282016 ♬ original sound – Paula

Koe then proceeded to ironically (and fittingly) go into “February 28, 2016,” the song he penned about the first time he went to jail back in the day… more on that here, too:

“February 28, 2016,”

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