USC Fan Goes Viral With The Most Incredible “Obstructed View” Ticket You Have Ever Seen

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College Football kicked off this past weekend with “Week 0,” and while a number of unfortunate USC fans who had obstructed view seats and didn’t get to see the game they paid for, everyone else loved to see that the college game was back.

If that opening sentence was confusing (sorry I was trying to be clever), let me clean up my own mess and explain the whole thing. College football stadiums are often admired for being unique and historic, but sometimes their “charm” is in actuality just “inconvenient.”

A seat that a fan bought for the USC-San Jose State this past Saturday went viral over the weekend because…well they couldn’t see the game at all. Apparently the University of Southern California had a renovation of their stands a number of years ago and expanded their press box area towards the top of the stands, and didn’t think about the seats that would end up behind it.

The person who bought the ticket for “Section 303, Row 14, Seat 10” showed up to the game and soon realized that they probably would have been better off watching from home. As you’ll see in the shocking picture below, the person only had a view of one of the end-zones, and maybe a decent view of one of the stadium’s jumbotrons.

From these seats (the whole section really), you would really only be able to see touchdown passes thrown in the endzone, goal line action, and the end of field goals. You would have to keep your eyes on the score board to really keep up, and at that point, you should have just saved $200 and went to Buffalo Wild Wings.

The caption on the post states:

“Obstructed view alert. It doesn’t get much worse than this. Maybe 2% field visibility.

When the Coliseum was remodeled a couple years ago they removed 15,000 seats for the new Press Box addition.

Section 303 remains, so beware when buying a ticket!”

Lucky for him, it looks like he can move up…

X users (formerly Twitter users) could barely believe that these seats were actually for sale, and let their outrage and jokes be known in the replies below the post about the obstructed view seating:

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