Little Girl Tries To Pet Black Bear That Walked Up To Family’s Porch


Kids are the best, even though sometimes they would get themselves into big trouble if it wasn’t for the help and guidance of their parents.

This little girl just wanted to pet a seemingly innocent black bear that had come up to the porch of their home. She must not have ever seen a bear before, otherwise she probably would have thought twice about trying to lovingly pat the bear on the top of the head.

It appears that the family was relaxing on their porch when they spotted the juvenile bear walking up towards them. Someone had started rolling the camera on their phone to capture the close encounter with the bear, and thankfully captured the hilarious interaction between the little girl and the black bear.

The bear walks right up to the railing of the deck, and the little girl sees it as the perfect opportunity for a petting. Clearly the wild animal wasn’t scared of the people on the porch, and the little girl wasn’t scared of the bear either.

As the bruin starts to squeeze its nose through the gaps in the porch’s fencing, the little girl starts walking towards it wanting to pet it. One of her parents grabs her by the arm and sternly says no, trying to stat serious about the whole thing but also laughing that she thinks that the small bear would be a good animal to pet on.

The little girl tries to plead her case, but those with her immediately shut down the idea of petting the bruin. If they wouldn’t have stopped her from confronting the animal, she would have certainly started petting the black bear like it was some sort of dog.

Whoever is with her is smart to make sure that she doesn’t interact with the young bear in any way. Of course, bears by themselves are quite dangerous, but with bruin being a little on the younger side, a mother bear could possibly be in the area and be ready to attack to protect its young.

Even after her parents (and what appears to be her grandparents) tell her that she can’t pet the bear, the little girl stays persistent and continues her pursuit of petting what she probably thinks is a dog.

When she is kept from patting on the bear, she even starts to tear up thinking that her parent’s requests for her to not pet a wild animal are unfair.

All while the bear just keeps hanging out around the porch. You would think that with all the shouting of “no,” the bear might get spooked and try to get the hell out of dodge.

Maybe the bear wanted to be petted on after all?

Take a look at the hilarious clips below (part 1 and 2):

@besassy904The original with no voice over 🐻♬ original sound – Brandy Smith

@besassy904 Part 2 of trying to lose few fingers😂 Can I pet that bear😳 #toddlersoftiktok #bearsoftiktok #townsendtn #bearbottomscabin #greatsmokymountains ♬ original sound – Brandy Smith
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