New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers Quietly Dropped By State Farm, Ending The “Discount Double Check” Era

Aaron Rodgers
State Farm

Sometimes you see something that makes you think “man, I’m getting old,” and this piece of news really got me in my feels, even though it won’t affect my life in any real way.

After a 12-year partnership, quarterback Aaron Rodgers and insurance agency State Farm are parting ways, officially marking the end of the “Discount Double Check Era.” As Rodgers embarks on his late career team switch, one thing he won’t be taking with him to the New York Jets is his patented discount double check touchdown celebration.

Over the years, Aaron reportedly made around $3 million per year with the endorsement deal, and was a mainstay for State Farm ads during the football season. Rodgers was joined by teammates, celebrities, and even opposing players in commercials throughout the decade long partnership.

His favorite target Randall Cobb was in a couple of ads, as well as longtime Packer Clay Matthews, comedian Dana Carvey, and in recent years was joined by “Jake from State Farm” and two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

To be honest, its a pretty tough pill to swallow. I once yelled “Hey Rodgers, discount double check” to a person wearing a number 12 jersey at Lambeau Field, and I’m not even a Green Bay Packers fan. It was just a part of Aaron’s story while he rocked the green and gold, but maybe it makes sense for State Farm to part ways as Rodgers starts his new journey in the Big Apple with the Jets.

The partnership between Rodgers and State Farm was one of the longer lasting campaigns in recent years. There’s no official word as to why they decided to let the four-time league MVP walk right before the 2023 season started, but many are referencing back to the cracks that started to form in the endorsement deal with Rodgers’ scandal about being “immunized” back in 2021.

They publicly disagreed with him on the vaccine stuff, but stood by him… for at least a year:

“Aaron Rodgers has been a great ambassador for our company for much of the past decade. We don’t support some of the statements that he has made, but we respect his right to have his own personal point of view.”

According to Sportico, State Farm wished Aaron well following the departure:

“We wish Aaron the best in his future endeavors.”

Let’s be honest, things won’t be that different without Rodgers popping up onto our televisions in State Farms ad spots. I think we will all actually be seeing a lot more of Aaron now that he’s moved out of Green Bay and into the big market of New York City.

Aaron won’t be hurting for money either, with him recently signing a $36.8 million signing bonus that pushed his career earning in the NFL past Tom Brady’s with $342 million.

And that’s not even including the millions of dollars that he’s made over his career in sponsorships and endorsements…

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