Hunter’s Dog Travels Over 2 Miles To Find Him Up In The Tree Stand

Dog hunter tree stand

Whoever came up with the “man’s best friend” thing with dogs really nailed it.

Dogs just might be the most loyal animals on the planet, and as you’ll see in this video below, they can be pretty clingy too. There are some forms of hunting where a trained dog can really be useful, but last time I checked, deer hunting is not one of them.

In the footage, a man is sitting up in his tree stand with his rifle ready for a deer to walk within range. He starts hearing something running towards him off in the distance, so he gets ready in case the “big buck” is the thing that comes sprinting right at him.

However, as the footsteps get closer and closer, he realizes that the noise isn’t being made by a deer, but rather his own dog. The man is in disbelief as he sees his black and white dog race along the walking trail to his stand.

What makes the whole thing even more impressive is that the dog apparently tracked his owner over two miles to get to his stand. Once he gets close and loses the scent on the ground, he looks up smiling to see his owner sitting in the gun hunting stand.

Sure, having your dog show up while you are deer hunting is a little inconvenient, but you can’t be upset at it right? Technically, he was a very “good boy” being able to track down his owner, though I’m sure the timing of the dog’s arrival could have been better.

Based on the video, it appeared that the man only had an hour or two of daylight left, which he would now have to spend getting his dog back to the house instead of staying in the stand and scanning the woods for deer.

The dog could not look happier though as it peers up and sees its human up in the tree. I would assume that the hunter was upset, but only for a moment, because all you can do is laugh after your dog hunts you down as you were actively hunting.

Take a look:

Those within the comments were loving that the dog tracked down its owner in the woods, and even related to the hunter a bit with their replies:

“Laughing out loud, tough scene!”

“Almost can’t be mad.”

“And that’s why I like dogs over people! Loyalty.”

“Been there…haha.”

“Wow, he must be a awesome guy.”

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