Mercedes-Benz Making A Custom Wheelchair For Disabled Dog Will Warm Your Heart

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The perfect feel-good story for you this Friday.

An Instagram influencer shared the most heartwarming story of a rescue dog.

Meet Bunny, a rescue dog from Mexico that was hit by a car and then abandoned. When Bunny was found, the damage from her injuries was too extensive to repair, leading to the dog needing a double amputation of her back legs.

Bunny made a full recovery and seemed to make do with her new life as a two-legged dog, but for Bunny to really get around on her own, she would need a custom set of wheels to support her hind end.

The influencer shared a comment left on her success story to Mercedes Benz, saying that “Bunny deserved the Mercedes Benz of wheelchairs.”

The luxury car company ate up the story and was more than happy to make the comment come to life, creating Bunny her own set of wheels. Once the wheelchair was ready, a local dealership cheered wildly as Bunny made an entrance to get her new ride.


And it’s SO much more than just a badass wheelchair—These wheels will open Bunny’s world significantly and make her much more adoptable!”

Bunny’s wheelchair even came with a custom license plate: “Bunny’s Benz.”

The pup is so happy to be much more mobile I almost choked up watching the video.

Bunny deserves the best home suited for her new set of wheels.

Stories like this remind you that there are some good ass people in the world. What a great story.

Check out the full before and after success story from Bunny.

“[Before/After] We often meet dogs on the worst day of their life.

When we found Bunny, we honestly weren’t sure she would survive the night. But Bunny kept fighting. This community saw that fight and lined up to fight by her side.

She’s here today because of that fight. Because of your fight. So let Bunny’s life/story and her joy be a reminder of why it’s always worth fighting.

Especially when it’s hard. It’s worth it. Bunny is worth it.”

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