The “MFer Is Not Real” Woman, Tiffany Gomas, Speaks Out For The 1st Time About Incident: “My Life Has Been Blown Up”

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Last month, one woman sent the world into a frenzy with one specific comment…

You know, the woman who went viral for going absolutely nuts over somebody being “not real” while on a flight out of Dallas, and demanded to get off the plane?

This will probably go down as the wildest statement in all of 2023:

“You can say whatever you want, I’m telling you I’m getting the f*ck off, and there’s a reason why I’m getting the f*ck off.

Everyone can either believe it or they can not believe it. I don’t give two f*cks. But I am telling you right now, that motherf*cker back there is not real.

And you can sit on this plane and you can f*cking die with them or not. I’m not going to.”

Ever since the video dropped, people have speculated that she was drunk, high, mentally unstable.

People also started this conspiracy that she could’ve been sitting next to a ghost or an alien, which is definitely the cooler theory out of the rest.

However, it turns out she just had a falling out with some relatives, as she believed that one of them stole her AirPods. Or, at least that is what the police report listed as the start of the issue.

The woman has now been identified as 38-year-old Tiffany Gomas, a Dallas resident who actually has a very successful professional life, as she’s a marketing executive who has also served as vice president of Elevate Brand Marketing, and also lives in a $2 million home in the upscale Lakewood neighborhood in Dallas.

With that being said, Gomas is finally speaking out about the situation for the first time, telling The Daily Mail:

“My life has been blown up. It’s frightening. Things go viral and everything changes.”

She also says she is consulting a lawyer, adding:

“No one knows anyone else’s story, and no one should judge. No one knows what it’s like.”

Gomas also noted that her and her neighbors have been stalked since the video:

“They’re staking out my house. They’re staking out my neighbors. They’re going through my mail.”

And finally, she claimed that most of the story circulating in the news is false, but she declined to tell her side of the story.

I guess viral fame isn’t as great as it seems…

Wildly enough, she still managed to capture the hearts of the American people, especially dudes, who have fallen in love with the gal:

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