Raccoon Sinks Its Teeth Into Massive Iguana, Carries It Off Into The Bushes

raccoon iguana

The Kung-Fu (trash) panda.

People generally have a love-hate relationship with raccoons.

From a distance they’re pretty cute, but when a bunch of them team up to throw garbage all over the yard, your opinion changes pretty quickly. They’ve also been known to cause Ohio women to faceplant by chasing them in the street, which is hilarious, but also another strike against them.

Iguanas on the other hand are a relatively new problem faced only by people in a select area of the country. Over the past few years, the iguana population has grown rapidly in South Florida, causing all sorts of problems for residents and wildlife alike. They burrow under houses and buildings, which can cause major problems to the foundation, disrupt the habitats of native fauna, and freeze up and fall out of trees when the weather gets chilly.

In a video I assume is out of Florida, we see a raccoon who’s had enough of these foreigners invading its territory and decided to fight back.

At first thought, I would assume the raccoon would be in for a world of trouble. Not only can iguanas grow to be over 6 feet long and weigh up to 20 pounds, their skin is super tough, they’ve got sharp teeth, and they use their long, whip like tails to smack predators, which can inflict some serious damage.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see how these two locked up, because when the clip starts the raccoon is already sinking its teeth into the neck of the poor reptile, but man it would have been great to see a raccoon lose its cool and mount and all out attack.

Raccoons aren’t regarded as hunters, but they do foray into eating fish, frogs, mice, rabbits, and other small creatures when they have an opportunity to get their paws on one. This iguana is much larger than those creatures, but that didn’t seem to affect this guy because he absolutely manhandled him, pinning him down and letting his teeth do the maximum damage.

Eventually, he drags the iguana into the bushes, where we can assume he called in his buddies and they had themselves a feast.

Going to think long and hard about shooing these guys away from my complex’s dumpster from here on out…

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