Raccoon Hops Out Of Philadelphia Airport Baggage Carousel

Raccoon baggage

When you’re waiting for your checked bag after a flight, it’s the only thing that matters.

You’ve just been cramped up in a tube traveling 500 mph across the sky, probably sitting between a snorer and someone who hasn’t showered in weeks, choked down some stale pretzels and a Sprite, and just want to get out of the airport and to where ever you’re going.

Can you imagine if in that moment, something popped out of the carousel that caused all hell to break loose and further delayed getting out of there? Let me introduce you to an incident that happened last week in Philadelphia.

Video was captured of a raccoon climbing out of the baggage claim door and scampering around the terminal. As you would expect, people took off sprinting when they saw the little trash panda, causing a bit of chaos for those weary travelers.

According to 6ABC, a woman named Sara Higgins was traveling from Australia with her husband and three daughter and saw the whole thing go down, recording the video that went viral.

She told the news outlet

“We could see its tail and we’re like, ‘That is a live animal! What is it?’ … I was expecting a surprise from them when I arrived, but I didn’t expect that.”

She said the creature was trying to go back down the ramp of the luggage chute when the conveyor belt turned on, which didn’t allow the raccoon to make any progress. Frightened, the animal began scampering around the room, eventually finding refuge under a vending machine.

Airport personnel and USDA worked together to set humane traps for the creature, but as of the latest reporting, the raccoon was not captured, but was believed to have left the airport on its own.

You just never know what travel experience you’ll have these days…

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